Premier’s e-toll panel must publicise public participation opportunities

Neil Campbell MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport

The e-toll advisory panel established by Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, appears to be doing a good job in meeting with and listening to various interest groups’; however, dates and venues for public consultation have not yet been made available by the panel.

A great criticism of previous ‘interactions’ was the lack of transparency and real public participation by SANRAL and the National Department of Roads and Transport where outcomes had been predetermined.

Although provision has been made for ‘open-to-the-man-in-the-street’ meetings, the dates, times and venues have not been publicised. We call on the panel to rectify this omission immediately.

Failure to do so will undo the work of the panel, the various bodies that have made submissions, and ultimately fail the people of Gauteng.