Provincial Government Must Take Responsibility for Ongoing Schools Crisis

Safiyia Stanfley, MPL

DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education

The ongoing schools shutdown in Kuruman proves the incompetence of the provincial government.

Instead of taking responsibility for the situation and getting children back to school, the provincial government passes the buck from one department to another. There are conflicting statements as to when the schools will be opened, with nobody seeming certain as to when or if the schools will be opened this year. The department of Roads and Public Works has committed to start construction in this week. Other reports indicate that schools will be opened ‘early next week’ or ‘sometime this month’. Queries at the department of Education, who should surely know when schools will be open, gets referred to the Office of the Premier. Since the schools shutdown began in June, the statements from the department of Education and the Office of the Premier have often conflicted one another. Why can’t the provincial government work together to end the shutdown?

When votes matter more than children, this is the type of action and inaction you see. The interventions from the provincial government has failed, because the protesters have been treated with kid gloves. Drastic interventions and decisive action is now needed. We call on the provincial government to do what it takes to get the children back to school.

Every day that passes, bring the 469 matriculants closer to deregistration and the repetition of their grade.