Right to reply: Saul not competent to comment on Legislature matters

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

The provincial secretary of the ANC Zamani Saul has no competency to comment on Legislature matters. His statements are filled with factual inaccuracies and shows that he has no understanding of how the Legislature functions.

Firstly, the DA has been represented in all of the recent committee meetings where the department of Education and others have come to account for their performance in the first quarter. We form our opinions based on these interactions as well as the talks we have with community members. Unlike Zamani, we don’t form our opinions based solely on delusions of grandeur. We look at the facts first.

Secondly, the office of the Premier did not take the decision to deregister the matrics. While the office of the Premier was hailing a victory and declaring schools would be opened this past Monday, the department of Education took a decision to de-register the matrics. In fact, it seems that the media was informed of this decision before the Office of the Premier was. Zamani needs to look to his organisation, which is showing real signs of disintegration and disunity, rather than launch ill-informed attacks on his opposition. The ANC seems to be at odds with itself over the schools shutdown and tries to deflect attention with ill-informed attacks.

The members of the ANC in the Legislature have failed to comment on these matters. They allow the puppet Saul to comment on their behalf.

Why does he involve himself with matters pertaining to the Legislature? He has a party obligation, not a parliamentary obligation. He has no role to play in the Legislature. Neither the Constitution nor the Rules of the Legislature recognises him in any capacity at all. His real role is to take notes at ANC meetings. He has declined to be a member of the Legislature, despite the fact that he was quick to take advantage of a car bought for his personal use through the Legislature.

We invite Zamani to think before he speaks.