Urgent attention to Marble Hall crimes 

Katlego Suzan Phala (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial legislature

The DA in Limpopo will be writing to the Limpopo provincial police Commissioner LT Gen F Masemola in request for urgent intervention crime concerns raised in the Marble Hall area.

It has come to the DA’s attention that criminals have turned the area into their holiday resort and they operate freely due to alleged lack of man power and resources in Marble Hall.

Having received recent crime statistics that shows a number of crimes skyrocketing, The DA finds it necessary for the police to start with their action plan to free the people of this area.

If given the necessary resources and manpower, the DA believes that the cop shops in the area will be able to detect more unreported crimes that continue to haunt the mining district of our province.

Considering the population of Marble Hall and, surrounding areas to be rounded off at around 124 000 against an active police force of 77 members, would indicate that there is 1 policeman for every 1610 members of the population, which clearly shows a huge discrepancy.

The area has 16 wards, 69 villages, 1941 square km, 232,284 households, 41.4% unemployment rate and it should be on shows  a police ratio of 1 police member for 341 members of the population as indicated on the SAPS annual report, for the year 2012/13.