Western Cape Government: Parliamentary discussions

Ricardo Mackenzie MPP

DA Spokesperson for Cultural Affairs and Sport

(Subject for discussion:The Western Cape Government’s prioritisation of “tenderpreneurship” over service delivery and restoring people’s human dignity.)

Madame Speaker, the subject for discussion is an interesting one, especially considering the Honourable Paulsen put it forth to the House. It is especially interesting, considering he represents the Economic Freedom Fighters. The very party and leadership whose foundation is based on corruption, maladministration and tenderpreneurship.

Madame Speaker, the EFF’s shaky foundation is further entrenched by its Leader, Julius Malema, who has looted everything from Limpopo, the province from which he originates; and now he has the audacity to say President Jacob Zuma must pay back the money. Whilst we agree with his assertion that President Zuma must pay back the money, we also agree that the founder of tenderpreneurship, the leader of the EFF should pay back the money. We also know that the so called Project Management division, ran by One Point engineering, of which the leader of Honourable Paulsen, in fact  “ran” and bankrupted that province to such an extent that the whole province was put under administration. Madame Speaker, never before in South Africa was a province put under so much corruption as Limpopo was.  Madame Speaker, here we have a situation in which we ask, pot, have you met the kettle?

Madame Speaker, the hypocrisy within the EFF is so prevalent and obvious. Together with Honourable Paulsen, the EFF claims the Western Cape has not prioritized service delivery and restoring people’s human rights. If anything Speaker, they have blocked service delivery time and time again. Before the Honourable Paulsen enters the conversation of restoring human dignity, he should look to his own party and consider their disregard for the people, and taxpayers’ money. These few people elected them to improve the standard of living, yet, they are filling their own pockets as their leader has become accustomed to, ever since his ANC Youth League days.

Madame Speaker, before the national sitting in which the EFF intentionally disrespected the national house of parliament, screaming at the President to “Pay back the money”, their leader and other members retreated to an expensive and lush Club, in the Waterfront where they gulped down Johnny Walker Gold. This was the day after the Leader of the EFF was seen shopping it up at the exclusive Fabiani. This was barely two weeks after he was sworn in as a Member of Parliament. He didn’t even receive his first salary yet but he was living it up.

Madame Speaker, this is hypocrisy at the highest level. The Honourable Paulsen clearly does not know what he is talking about. Mr Malema didn’t stop there. As recently as two weeks ago, soon after “debating” for the poor he jumped into a luxury Mercedes Benz driven by two security guards as he exited Parliament. The hypocrisy of the Honourable Paulsen is shocking. We all know that under their overalls and their façade which supposedly symbolizes “working for the people” they wear their expensive fashion labelled suits.

Madame Speaker, Honourable Paulsen is no stranger to the finer things in life either. He is party to the lifestyle of their leader, otherwise he would not have been here as Mr Malema does not surround himself with “non-believers” of his lifestyle. The show me your friends and I tell you who you are mantra comes to mind. This is the calibre of party who now wants to further exploit the votes of the electorate to fulfil their power greedy demeanour.

Madame Speaker, I call on Honourable Paulsen and his party to stop exploiting the vulnerable, not only in the Western Cape but in South Africa as a whole. As public representatives and elected by the people we have a  constitutional mandate to create an open opportunity society for all in which people can live lives they can value. Our goal here is not to be destructive, but to work better together with all role players so that service delivery to the people who put us in these positions can prevail. I also urge Honourable Paulsen not to make a mockery of the democracy many fought for in the past and many, of whom the DA is taking the lead in, is upholding.

Madame Speaker, the Honourable Paulsen may be too occupied with executing his party’s tenderpreneurship policies, but if he and other opposition parties should simply review the Western Cape Government’s Annual Reports since 2009, they would be reminded that the DA delivers to the vulnerable of both the province as well as nationally. Where the DA governs, we govern well.

I thank you.