Western Cape Government

Masizole Mnqasela MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Local Government

The STATS SA municipal service delivery report that was released last week, once again places the Western Cape at the top in SA. The statistics in the report also published last week by the SA Institute for Race Relations’ (SAIRR) confirms these findings.

According to the “Non-financial census of municipalities for the year ended 30 June 2013”, the Western Cape showed the highest proportion of consumer units that benefited from the free basic services:

  • Water  – 77.3%;                                                                  Mpumalanga 56.3%
  • Electricity – 44.3%;                                                             Mpumalanga 32.7%
  • Sewerage and sanitation – 69,4%; as well as              Eastern Cape 42.7%

The Western Cape achieved more than 10 percentage points above the provinces next in line.

These statistics prove that the DA cares for the poor. These statistics unequivocally prove that the DA-led Western Cape municipalities are doing much better in caring for the poor that any ANC-governed municipality in the rest of the country.

The DA believes that corruption and mismanagement destroy jobs and economic growth, that it kills investment and makes poor people poorer. This is especially evident in provinces like Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape that rank right at the bottom in all of these categories.

Despite the Western Cape being the province that provides the best service delivery to the poor, our biggest priority is and will remain poverty and unemployment. Everything we do in the Western Cape goes to service a growing economy. 76% of the Western Cape government’s budget is spent on poor communities.

The DA believes that every person of the Western Cape should have the freedom to improve his or her lives and break the cycle of poverty.

This can only be achieved through real and tangible initiatives and not through political grandstanding and empty promises.