Women in South Africa

Lorraine Botha MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Premier

Madame Speaker, as we come to the end of August, so we come to the end of the commemorative month of Women in South Africa. In this month we acknowledged the plight of the vulnerable women in our communities but we have also celebrated the successful women in their different fields, industries and callings.

The DA is outraged that in the heart of Women’s month, the Western Cape was confronted with an attack on a woman in Khayelitsha, whose eyes were gouged out for her material belongings such as her cellular phone and earrings. Madame Speaker, the media reports that the 23 year old woman was left for dead just a few metres from her home.

Madame Speaker, this is unacceptable and the DA will not tolerate these gruesome crimes, especially against our women. According to gender rights activists, there has been a notable rise in violent attacks against women in the province this year.

We call on all the Ministers of all departments of the Western Cape Government to redress issues that disregard and demean women in the province. I urge the Western Cape Government to continue to empower women through their various dedicated programmes so that women can live lives they can value. I also call on the public to protect, respect and honour their sisters, mothers, gogos, nieces, daughters and partners not only in the month of August but for all 12 months and all 365 days. Madame Speaker, I conclude with the words of the late great Maya Angelou, “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it, possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

I thank you