1450 Gauteng SAPS dockets closed due to flawed investigation

John Moodey MPL

DA Provincial and Caucus Leader

At least 1450 SAPS dockets in Gauteng have been closed due to flawed investigation in the past financial year, including numerous drug-related cases.

This was revealed in a departmental response to questions from the Community Safety Oversight Committee with regard to the auditing of 1450 dockets during 2013/14.

While law dictates that cases currently under investigation cannot be reviewed, hundreds of closed dockets which were undetected, withdrawn or where the prosecution declined to investigate were audited.

The findings on these dockets indicated serious investigative flaws including one or more of the following:

·         Poor performance and monitoring by senior and line management
·         Non-compliance with relevant standing orders and instructions
·         Poor inspection by Unit Commanders
·         Poor or total lack of informer networks; an internationally recognised necessity for any detective to follow up on leads and ultimately solve crime
·         A minimal attempt to link suspects with other crimes committed

The SAPS Provincial Leadership also conducted their own audit and found many similar faults as well as poor data integrity.

The DA believes that the establishment of a special task team, consisting of seasoned detectives and senior prosecutors, is needed to review these withdrawn dockets.

The fact is that they can be corrected and charges reinstated against suspects.

The DA has long advocated for improved crime intelligence to combat increasing crime levels, and even Gauteng’s Provincial Police Commissioner has admitted that this division is in a mess in the province.

Not only will we be able to disrupt and prevent organised crime but the 1450 victims of the closed dockets will not be denied the justice they deserve.