Action in Nama-Khoi proven to be political purge

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

It has been proven that the ANC’s mass dismissal of 54 employees in the Nama-Khoi municipality is a political purge.

The ANC had previously tried to justify their unfair actions by arguing that the employees were not provided for on the organogram. A recent council meeting, however, shows that this statement is wrong.

Item RVS030/10/2014, an annexure to the council meeting of 9 October 2014, states that the organogram of the council was approved on the 15th of November 2011. In terms of this organogram, provision is made for the temporary employment of employees who have since been fired.

In June 2012, the council adopted policies which allowed for workers to be employed on a permanent basis. Item RVS030/10/2014 shows that the council has three months left to review its organogram and that no changes have been made to the organogram since November 2011. The organogram in terms of which the employees were appointed has not been changed and there is therefore no reason to fire the employees. To say that the workers have been fired due to the organogram is clearly malicious and misleading.

It is shameful that the ANC shows no respect for democracy and cannot tolerate different political views. The ANC is actively targeting and persecuting workers who are perceived to hold opposition views. This is not the action of a proper political party, but of a schoolyard bully who knows nothing but violence and intimidation.