Agreement reached in Trollip’s suspension matter

Athol Trollip (MPL)

Leader of the official opposition in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

The respective legal representatives of the Democratic Alliance and the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature have reached an agreement to settle the impasse that has arisen out of the suspension and imposition of a fine of the leader of the opposition in the provincial legislature.

Without divulging the contents of the agreement, it has been decided in the chambers of the presiding judge in the Grahamstown High Court, that Hon. Trollip will be invited to the next sitting of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature which will be held in Burgersdorp on Tuesday, 14 October 2014, where the legislature will be taking the “legislature to the people”.

This matter will be raised as the second point of order at the commencement of the special sitting of the legislature, where Hon. Trollip will read a public statement and a decision will be made regarding the current sanction against Hon. Trollip.