Alex Rats: Joburg’s Owl plan will not work

Mervyn Cirota MPL

DA Constituency Head: Alex

Plans by the City of Johannesburg to curb the rat infestation in Alex are futile.

Using owls to combat the problem will simply not do enough to significantly reduce high breeding rates.

Further, R2.5 million remains a meagre amount when dealing with an infestation of this magnitude.

This means that either the city has not yet grasped the extent of this plague or they are merely pay lip-service to the issue.

We can only tackle this issue effectively when we know exactly what we are dealing with.

As such, the DA in Alex has embarked on an extensive door-to-door campaign to determine the true extent of the problem.

Unfortunately the city does not appear to be taking this issue seriously or acting to curb it fast enough with the correct measures.

The DA understands that this issue will only be solved with better funding and a more holistic strategy which looks at root causes, such as the need for better sanitation and sewerage services.

We need to act swiftly before the long-term consequences and declining hygiene become irreversible and extremely costly.