ANC Caucus Chair Davids fails as Committee Member

Beverley Shäfer MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture

I request that Member Sharon Davids, African National Congress Caucus Chair, fulfils her role as a committee member, by attending committee meetings as is her duty.

Her absenteeism means that Member Davids is failing in her duty as Committee Member. She is determined to make unfounded accusations against the Democratic Alliance (DA), while neglecting to serve as she is mandated to.

Among others, member Davids failed to attend a crucial oversight visit by the committee, to Atlantis on the 27th of August 2014. This was the launch of the broadband project. This initiative makes internet available to schools and the public at large, to improve access to education and opportunities. This is but one of the numerous instances of absenteeism by Member Davids. It shows her disregard for her duty as an elected official and committee member.

Thus far Member Davids has attended only two out of seven committee meetings, held in the second term of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP).


Date Attendance by Member Davids
6 August 2014 Present
15 August 2014 Present
27 August 2014 Absent
27 August 2014 Absent
2 September 2014 Absent
3 September 2014 Absent
12 September 2014 Absent

I urge Member Davids to take her role as an elected public representative seriously and fulfil her duties as a Member of the WCPP, rather than the mudslinging that she is focused on currently.

This DA-led Western Cape Government will continue to ensure that the WCPP works to deliver to the people of the Western Cape by optimising every channel to its avail.