ANC infighting ignites violent protests in Lekwa

James Masango

Deputy Shadow Minister of Public Works

Last week alleged infighting within the ANC erupted into violent protests at the Lekwa Municipality where buildings were set alight and computers were smashed or looted.

According to reports SANCO has led violent protests since Wednesday 9 October 2014, demanding that the Mayor, the Speaker and the MM be removed from their posts.  This in turn will enable prominent citizens, or cadres to be placed in positions of importance within the municipality.

Residents were misled into believing that they are protesting against the lack of water delivery. SANCO has hijacked a very serious issue that is affecting the residents of Lekwa and has made it about political manoeuvring and positioning of cadres to fill their own pockets.

Although we acknowledge the frustrations of the residents, the DA strongly condemns the use of any violence or the destruction of property, such as what has taken place in Lekwa.  The irony of this violence and destruction lies in the fact that the residents and taxpayers themselves will have to pay to rebuild these buildings and replace the stolen computers.

Violent protests have never changed a government or bettered service delivery.  The only way to end the systematic decline in municipalities and total lack of service delivery is to put your cross next to the Democratic Alliance on the ballot papers in 2016.  A DA led government will never allow a situation to deteriorate to such an extent that violent protests erupt.

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