ANC’s Mantashe shifting the blame on e-tolls

Dr Neil Campbell MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe is deliberately trying to muddy the waters on e-tolls, by trying to lump responsibility onto the Gauteng Provincial Government.

In an exclusive interview that appeared in The Star this morning, Mantashe claims that Premier David Makhura’s e-tolling review panel is merely an attempt to undo the damage caused by his colleagues and predecessors.

While there may some elements of truth, the fact is that national support for e-tolls was given more than six years ago, and Mr Mantashe and his cohorts in the ANC and government could have stopped it in its tracks.

Mr Mantashe also conveniently forgets the fact that the Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment Act is national legislation affecting one province only (so far), yet this piece of legislation was not passed by the National Council of Provinces.

He also forgets transport minister Dipuo Peters’ comments that e-tolling legislation is a national competency and that the findings of the review panel would hold no water.

The DA also challenges Mr Mantashe to produce the so-called “contract” between the Gauteng Provincial Government and SANRAL, if he is so certain that such a contract exists.

The fact is that Mr Mantashe’s comments are a desperate attempt to cover up rumours of divisions between the Gauteng ANC – who are promising to scrap e-tolls – and the rest of the party.

The DA looks forward to making our submission to the e-toll review panel later this morning.