Basic waste removal to 93% of households in Western Cape

Rodney Lentit MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

The Western Cape is on track with developing its green economy. Aside from delivering basic waste removal to 93% of households, the province also boasts job-creating environmental projects.

The Department of Environmental Affairs is reducing landfill sites and shifting its focus to recycling and educating the people on recycling. Recycling facilitates with economic growth as jobs. This is the realisation of the Premier of the Western Cape’s green economy as mentioned in the State of the Province Address this year.

Ordinary people from Wolseley and Hermon are benefitting from jobs created by the River Rehabilitation project. The River Rehabilitation project removes alien vegetation to minimise water wastage and eliminate conditions conducive to fires.

The Berg River Improvement Plan is another example. It is part of the Western Cape Sustainable Water Management Plan, to improve the quality of water. The Eden, Bergrivier and Swartland municipalities received support from the Department on the implementation of its Climate Change Response Strategy. Several other municipalities were also assisted with the development and implementation of sustainable energy plans.

It is encouraging to see that new initiatives are being investigated and implemented. Where this is done, our environment is cared for and jobs are created. It is another instance of how the DA delivers for all.