DA calls for more access to Cataract services across LImpopo

Langa Bodlani (MPL)

Spokesperson on Health

The DA calls on the Limpopo Department of Health to increase resources for the expansion of Cataract services across the province ensure that those who are in desperate need of this services receive all the assistance that is necessary.

Limpopo is a largely rural  province with massive numbers of poverty stricken households who entirely depend on social assistance from government.

Limiting these services to one or two towns disadvantages the elderly living in remote areas . This is an impediment to building  an equal opportunity society for South Africans. It is the  DA’s view that  such essential medical services should be decentralised and be made more accessible and affordable  since it is the less privileged who need it most yet  can’t afford cataract surgery in the private sector.

The DA will urgently write to the relevant stakeholders, particularly health and social development authorities in Limpopo to urge that these services that mostly benefit the elderly citizens of the republic.

Both the MEC for social development ad treasury will be requested to launch and investigation into the possibility of extending resources starting from the budget at Treasury and allocation at the social development.