DA Visits Leslie – Sewerage crisis is on-going

James Masango MP

Shadow Minister for Public Works

The DA is witnessed first-hand today the Govan Mbeki Municipality’s repeated failure to address sewage spills and water contamination throughout the communities.

During a visit to the Leslie pump station DA Shadow Minister for Public Works, James Masango, witnessed the high flow of sewerage into the street.  The problem originates directly from the pump station which is not functioning at all.  The stream is running through the location and into the M17 road.  Animals such as cattle, goats and sheep are grazing in lands filled with sewerage.

On a daily basis in Govan Mbeki Municipality the sewerage bypasses the sewer plant, running directly into the streams and through housing areas.  Sewerage overflows from the manholes and runs through the streets into the streams and ultimately into the rivers.

While discussing the matter with members of the community the DA learnt that they have stopped reporting the sewerage leaks in the township, primarily due to the total incompetence of the municipality. The same leaks that they report are overflowing within a few hours again. This crisis has reached such heights that residents now regard it as normal living conditions to drive and walk through sewerage on a daily basis.

The sewerage spills in the streets pose a health hazard to community members and especially to the children who play in this sewerage.

The ANC run municipality is contravening chapter 2, section 24 of the constitution. This proves how the ANC has total disregard for the very same constitution that it claims is the best in the world.

In 2012 the DA reported the matter to the Human Rights Commission, and true to ANC form they have disregarded the chapter 9 institution, and nothing has been done. It is business as usual.

This failure to address the matter is a true indication of ANC members obsession with corruption and mismanagement for their own pockets and a “don’t care attitude” to the needs and plight of the people.

This matter has been brought to the attention of the municipality on numerous occasions.  The DA will write to the Minister of Environmental Affairs in government and will pose questions to the Minister of CoGTA in Parliament. Furthermore the DA will issue a follow-up letter to the Human Rights Commission to once again investigate the matter.