Explain source of R160 million development funds: DA

Janet Semple MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Economic Development

Gauteng premier David Makhura needs to explain from which budget the promised R160 million for the revitalisation and building business hubs in townships is to come from.

Well-planned and well-executed investment in our township economies is critical, and the DA welcomes any investments that stimulate economic growth and create jobs.

So too do we welcome the premier’s acknowledgement that government bureaucracy and red tape are stifling small business growth, which prompted the DA-led Western Cape government to implement a red tape reduction strategy with great success.

The concern is however, where the funds for the premier’s promise are going to come from.

Provincial government department budgets have already been tabled and adopted, and this proposed investment was neither tabled nor adopted.

The question here is whether funds will be reallocated from already budgeted and equally crucial service delivery projects, or whether the premier has started to venture along the same slippery slope of empty promises as his predecessors.

Furthermore, the premier needs to provide further details around the location of proposed infrastructure development, environmental and traffic impact, as well as the coordination of planning, zoning and service delivery infrastructure with local municipalities and metros.

To this end the DA will submit questions to the premier, asking for a detailed township development implementation and coordination plan, as well as the source of budget for this financial year.

The DA will go to every length to ensure that promises are delivered upon.