Finally, DA’s pressure, force Edu Lim to deliver school toilets

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The DA’s proactive efforts to pressurize the Limpopo Department of Education to build toilets at Malamulele Secondary School has finally paid off.

The said school is amongst the many schools in Limpopo neglected by the department of Education as it operated for 9 years without ablution facilities.

Teachers had to make their way to nearby shops for relieving themselves while learners had the bush to use as a toilets.

DA leaders tried in vain to engage the department of Education in an endeavour to address the plight of the school, however all attempts have fallen on deaf ears.

The DA had to report this matter twice to Human Rights Commission to subpoena the department for violation of human rights. It was only after this that the department decided to pay attention and start doing the right thing of installing sanitation facilities at the school.

We can confirm that toilets are being built as seen from our weekend oversight visit.

We, however, find it unacceptable and appalling that the department decided to spring to action after we involved the HRC, 20 years into democracy. This once again proves beyond reasonable doubt how the ANC government undermines the rights of vulnerable people.