Finance MEC ignores R3 billion in financial irregularities

Mike Moriarty MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Finance

Recently, Gauteng finance MEC Barbara Creecy tabled provincial annual reports amid claims that the financial state of affairs of the provincial government and its entities are all sound.

But people must not be misled by the headlines.

Indeed, it is in the details that one finds the extent of financial irregularities.

When committees of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature debate the details of the Annual Reports, the DA will call the government to account for unauthorised expenditure, failure to follow financial procedures and wasting public funds.

Moreover, we will expose the provision that will have to be made for hundreds of millions of rand that will need to be paid this year for government’s failure to properly manage contracts of last year.

The MEC presides over a budget exceeding R90 billion, but the needs of the province are far greater. She needs to accept that her job is to make sure that all this money is used to improve the lives of those who live in Gauteng.

The people expect a total commitment to providing service delivery, fighting poverty, creating jobs and ending corruption.

But this past year has seen financial mismanagement to the tune of just over R3 071 million.

This could have built 20 000 houses, several clinics, schools, roads and assisted people in getting jobs.

Instead, the Gauteng Provincial Government incurred R574 million expenditure that was not budgeted for, spent R2 280 million without following proper procedures and totally wasted R217 million.

Those responsible must be held to account, but the MEC wants us to believe that all is well.

A DA-run Gauteng would see government employees work full honest days each week and month of the year, and deliver proper service. With sound financial management there would be improved infrastructure and more people would have jobs.