Former HOD arrest was a stage play

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The news of former education HOD Benny Boshielo’s R5 000 bail over a fraud case involving nearly R70m of the taxpayers money has sent shocking waves across Limpopo. In fact, the DA thinks it was just a stage play to get the matter out of the way for good.

For a moment, we believed that indeed the Hawks are not just a toothless watchdog after the arrest; however his release was simply unjust considering what the state lost under this man’s leadership.

As DA we find this matter of the bail as a complete travesty of justice considering that there are people who still get a R3 000 bail for having stolen a goat or even a live chicken.

However, we hope the law will still be allowed to deliver justice.  Such high profile people should be able to face the full might of the law just like all citizens of the Republic do.

The DA will keep a close eye on the matter to ensure that justice is served at the end of the day.