Gauteng ambulances not serving Benoni Clinics

Michele Clarke MPL

DA Constituency Head: Benoni

I recently conducted oversight visits to clinics within the Benoni Constituency; namely Northmead Ext 4 Clinic, Emaphuheni Clinic and Philip Mayo Clinic.

All three suffer from a number of issues but provincial ambulance services appear to be the biggest concern.

Northmead Clinic advised me that they often cannot get through to the provincial ambulance service call centre and ambulances either arrive late or do not arrive at all.

The clinic infrastructure is also in serious need of maintenance with blocked drains and water leakages. While this has been reported to the province several times, it is yet to be attended to.

The Phillip Moyo clinic serves around 400 patients a day but have a serious shortage of staff, particularly doctors. The DB Board is faulty which has a massive impact on the x-ray facilities and on the general running of the clinic.

As with Northmead Clinic, Philip Moyo has a massive problem with provincial ambulance services. The clinic is also in need of a sonar machine as they have a very big maternity and ante-natal care facility.

Similar dissatisfaction with provincial ambulance services are also experienced by the Emaphuheni Clinic.

Last year Ekurhuleni purchased 50 new ambulances out of their own budget as the provincial department was not able to provide the services.  In reality, the metro should simply be an agent for the province; supplied with vehicles and resources through an annual grant.

However, the annual grant is never enough to cover the service and operate to the current norms and standards.

Province has never refunded the city for the purchase of these ambulances. I will be submitting questions to the provincial health department to determine when the Ekurhuleni metro will be refunded as well as to establish plans to improve provincial ambulance services.