Gauteng Housing Crisis: Multi-party Committee needed to address issues

Mervyn Cirota MPL

DA Spokesperson on Housing

The recent unrest in Sebokeng due to failed housing delivery and the very serious shack fire in Kya Sands continue to highlight Gauteng’s housing crisis.

Despite one emergency after the next, MEC for Human Settlements in Gauteng, Jacob Mamabolo, has been unable to provide any workable solutions.

As predicted a week ago during the Newclare housing protest, the frustration and anger of residents regarding broken promises will only lead to more violence and protests.

Once again, the DA in Gauteng calls for the establishment of an inter-party committee to audit housing needs in the province and assess current projects and allocation.

A lack of political leadership in both the provincial and city structures is hindering the mandate of these departments.

I have requested an urgent meeting with MEC Mamabolo, to discuss the way forward and establish a clearer picture regarding housing allocation and current projects.

The MEC must take appropriate action regarding the housing situation in Gauteng before more lives are lost in shack fires or violent protest.