Gauteng Sports, Arts and Culture Department triples cost of lost assets in three years

Kingsol Chabalala MPL

DA Spokesperson for Arts and Culture

In a recent analysis of the Gauteng Sports, Arts and Culture Department Annual Report it was found that the cost of lost and stolen assets tripled in the past three years.

In 2011/12 the Department reported a loss of assets to the value of R 95 328, R 211 847 in 2012/13, and R328 685 in 2014. The lost or stolen assets consisted mainly of IT and office equipment, and included laptops, desktop computers, cameras, office furniture, and astoundingly enough, two pool tables.

This increasing trend of incremental losses over three years shows a department unable to control and monitor its assets effectively. Of further concern is the department’s apparent failure to take remedial steps to prevent further losses and theft.

Department employees need to be held accountable for losses and be sensitised to keep work equipment entrusted to them safe.

To this end the DA will submit questions to MEC Molebatse Bopape and request whether any actions have been instituted against officials over the loss of assets, and to provide us with a detailed loss prevention plan.

Funds lost due to poor assets control could have contributed to upgrading of sports facilities and improving sports development in the province.