Gauteng traffic cops at work, but not working

Dr Neil Campbell MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport

Gauteng traffic police officials are not carrying out their duties in a manner that will improve road safety on the province’s highways and roads.

In a written response to DA questions on average daily deployments, kilometres travelled and fines issued over the past six months, it emerged that provincial traffic police have largely been AWOL from our provincial roads.

During this period, an average of 400 traffic officials travelled only 1,280 kilometres and issued 34 fines each per month.

Considering that an average month has 22 working days, officials each drove less than 60km and issued less than two fines per day.

During his time as Johannesburg Metro Police official, my colleague, John Moodey, travelled thousands of kilometres each month, and issued more than 20 fines per day.

It seems that the only time provincial traffic authorities are visible, is when they conduct roadblocks along the N1 with SANRAL officials and intimidate motorists into purchasing e-tags.

The strategic objectives of the Gauteng Traffic Department are among others, to reduce road fatalities, conduct traffic law enforcement and to reduce non-roadworthy vehicles – none of which will be achieved as long as officials are not out there on patrol, and enforcing the rules of the road.

Just this past week Gauteng witnessed one of the most horrific traffic incidents along the N12 in Alberton, when an out-of-control truck caused the death of four motorists and injuring more than 50 others.

This tragic event could very well have been avoided had traffic law enforcement been stricter and more effective, and had officials been serious about zero-tolerances to offenders.