Illegal social grants deductions: Minister must explain

Lindy Wilson (MP)

Deputy Shadow Minister of Social Development

The DA will be meeting with the Minister of Social Development , Bathabile Dlamini , seeking a thorough explanation regarding illegal deductions on the social grants especially from the elderly people across Limpopo.

The DA discovered these recurring illegal deductions during an oversight visit to a SASSA social grant pay point at Sekutuputu Old Age Home in Lepelle Nkumpi.

Several social grants beneficiaries handed over evidence that illegal deductions from their grants continues, and have been taking place for almost a year.

One of the beneficiaries’ slip,  clearly shows that R55 was deducted (Click here) from her grant for Prepaid Airtime and a further R60 was deducted for pre-paid electricity.

Another beneficiary , who is suppose to get R1650 grant and her child care grant, produced a print out from Shoprite (click here) showing that her grant was R1 322.00, surprisingly , there is no explanation for the deduction of R328.00.

The Manager at the SASSA pay point has admitted that these deductions were illegal but indicated that the matter was still being investigated.

Deductions from social grants have been a bone of contention for many months and despite assurances by the agency that they will bring a halt to these illegal deductions, the situation continues to go on unabated.

SASSA and the Department of Social Development are expected to present their annual reports to the DSD Committee next week Wednesday (15 October) and the DA will be pushing for an immediate intervention and explanation from Minister Dlamini.

The DA has noted that these illegal activities are taking place internally at SASSA therefore explanations must be given as to how many SASSA members have been exposed and what charges and steps have been taken against them.

Grants are given to the poorest of the poor in South Africa and we will not accept that the vulnerable be subjected to this ongoing corruption any longer.

The DA will continue to monitor the situation very carefully and visiting pay points on a regular basis to ensure that this untenable situation comes to an end.