Is future of our children in safe hands?

Safiyia Stanfley, MPL

DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education

The Democratic Alliance in the province is concerned that SADTU members are unwilling to accept suggestions that ANA’s, biometric systems and competency tests for markers of matric subject papers be implemented. The point of these interventions are not to punish educators, but to improve the quality of education on offer. As such, these interventions are urgently needed. In this financial year, we will spend 36% of the provincial budget on education. It is time to turn this allocation into an assurance of quality.

As an educationalist myself, I condemn the actions of SADTU with dismay for not seeing the advantages of compensating our educators, especially those who have the responsibility of marking the end-of-year papers. Can the future of our children be safe in the hands of markers who do not understand the subject matter and who cannot interpret the test papers?

We routinely hear reports of poor school attendance by teachers, who are not above arriving at school late or incapacitated. Implementing a biometric reporting system will serve to protect the many good, dedicated educators while weeding out the few bad apples. Having a teacher in all classes, on time and prepared for the lesson, can only improve the outcomes of our education system.

This is a cut-your-nose-to-spite-your-face type of approach. It is shocking to see how SADTU is trying to play cover-up and avoiding accountability for educators who do not deliver their best.