Limpopo lacks Maths and Science interest

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The DA in Limpopo has noted with concern lack of interest in Maths and Science studies amongst matruclants who registered to write the National Senior Certificate at the end of 2014.

This, according to the DA also means that the province, particularly the department of education is far from receiving good results in critical subjects that could soon resolve shortage of skills in particular fields.

A parliamentary reply by Minister of Basic education to questions posed by the DA revealed that 74 115 learners from Limpopo were registered to write their final exams meaning 13% of a total of 551 118, Grade 12 learners nationally.

Despite Limpopo having the third highest number of learners registered for final exams in the country it appalling that only:

  • 661 were registered for maths literacy and accounting meaning 1.4% of the total registered for these  particular subjects
  • 910 were registered for maths literacy and life sciences meaning 0.9%
  • And a staggering 19 were registered for civil, electrical and mechanical technology meaning 0.25%

Despite promises by the ruling party to prioritize Maths and Sciences and promote the studying of these rare skills subjects by our learners, these statistics suggest otherwise.

The Dept. of Education in Limpopo consumes 51% of the total provincial budget, yet the output of quality education especially in numeracy and literacy skills remains elusive and a distant dream for many of our children and parents.

The DA continues to make calls in all spheres of government  to ensure that maths, science and accounting receive proper planning and budgeting which will at the end resolve the lack interest amongst our learners.