Long-delayed Moloto Corridor project to begin at last

Justus de Goede MPL

DA Gauteng Transport Spokesperson

The signing of the R34 billion Moloto road and rail project by the Department of Transport to PRASA last week has signalled the first ray of hope for commuters along this overloaded and dangerous route.

Dubbed “road of death”, the Moloto road linking Pretoria and Mpumalanga carries hundreds of buses daily, without a week going where there is not a road accident.

Last previous week, two buses collided, resulting in one fatality and numerous serious injuries.

The number of passengers transported on this stretch of road daily is fast approaching 35 000.

Transport minister Dipuo Peters urged residents to “be patient”, but after a decade-long delay in implementation of the project, long-suffering road users might be excused for their exasperation.

Many had ceased to believe that a solution to the Moloto Road problem was anywhere on the ruling Party’s priority list.

Officials must expedite the process of road and rail construction, so as to ensure another 10 year wait is avoided.