Merafong Municipality reaches 46% monthly water losses

Ina Cilliers MPL

DA Constituency Head: Merafong

Merafong Municipality’s monthly water losses are now sitting at 46%; comprising almost half of the water it receives from Rand Water every month.

Unattended water leaks have been troubling this community for months now. The problem is compounded by the ineptitude of municipal officials who pass the blame and use a variety of excuses to avoid responsibility.

Most recently, a hole big enough for a car to disappear into has appeared on the corner of Agnew and Kaolin Streets in Carletonville due to unattended water leaks. A picture of this hole can be viewed here.

This continues to place lives at risk while perfectly good drinking water floods the streets unchecked.

Residents and councillors in Merafong have been reporting these leaks to no avail. The Water Services Manager is never available to address problems and does not respond to either emails or phone calls.

The DA calls on Mayor Mogale Letsie to set up an urgent meeting with Rand Water and to implement an action plan to mitigate water losses in the municipality.