Minister Debbie Schäfer to launch the Abuse No More Policy Document

Debbie Schafer, MPP

Western Cape Minister of Education

Child abuse and sexual violence is a very serious issue.

In order to assist schools in managing child abuse and sexual offences against children, the WCED have made available to schools Guidelines called the “Abuse No More Protocol”. These guidelines were first introduced in 2001.

However, since then, various developments relating to the care and protection of children culminated in the update of legislation.

Therefore, these guidelines have recently been amended in consultation and collaboration with a number of Government Departments, SAPS, the NPA, and various other organisations and institutions, taking into account all relevant legislation.

This legislation highlights the responsibility of educators who may suspect or deal with disclosures of child abuse and sexual offences against children, and the educators’ mandatory duty to report such incidents in the prescribed manner.

On Wednesday, Minister Schafer will launch the new policy document called Abuse No More: Dealing Effectively with Child Abuse, and will brief media on the contents of the document.

Date: Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Time: 14h30

Venue: Cape Teaching Leadership Institute (CTLI), New Nooiensfontein Road, Kuils River