Minister Plato condemns brutal attack on family of Operation Combat officer

Dan Plato, MPP

Western Cape Minister of Community Safety

I condemn in the strongest possible manner the brutal and savage attack on the family residence of a member of the South African Police Service’s (SAPS’) Operation Combat anti-gang and drug unit.

The cold-blooded attack has fatally wounded the 71-year-old mother and injured the 44-year-old brother of Operation Combat officer, Constable Lutfie Eksteen.

My sincerest condolences to Constable Eksteen, the extended family, colleagues and friends for their loss and trauma experienced.

We cannot allow such a brazen and heinous attack to deter the SAPS to act against unscrupulous criminals, murderers, gang bosses or druglords.

I urge the community of Manenberg to work with the police in bringing the offenders to task and offer the support of the Western Cape Department of Community Safety in ensuring that those responsible face their full day in court.