Mother to child trans-treat services offered in a toilet

Katlego Suzan Phala (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial legislature

The Democratic Alliance in Limpopo will this week request both provincial and national public health authorities to explain why there is still a public clinic that does PMTCT-Prevention of Mother to child transmission treatment and HIV counseling inside a toilet.

This shocking and disgusting discovery was made at Mmotong’s Perkebult clinic outside Polokwane where DA also witnessed a vaccination storeroom without a cooling system.

The clinic has been operating for many years while facing the same unpleasant condition daily. This clinic serves 22 communities and 7000 patients every month, at least according to clinic records seen by the DA’s Legislature staff.

This clinic has no space for consultation and as a result, privacy of the ill has been reduced to nothing. Safety of the clinic staff and patients is a big worry due to security operating from a open veranda turned into a waiting room. It is in this open space where the sick queue for hours while braving either extreme cold or sky rocketing heat.

Among other horrific factors that characterizes the clinic are:

  • Shortage of aspirins
  • Lack of Phonic tablets
  • Lack of babies vaccines
  • Oral contraceptives shortage
  • Only one malfunctioning phone
  • No waiting room
  • No water warming facility
  • And no guardroom for security

It is for these reasons that the DA will this week demand that health authorities to urgently restore the vandalized pride of the villagers who rely on this clinic for health services.

It boggles the DA how nurses and sisters assist mothers to be, in giving birth in such a tiny room that can hardly accommodate one person.

This however, is just but one of the very sad examples of how the ANC led government has lost focus on service delivery due to the mismanagement in the provincial department. We as DA did indicate that among others, the department is not ready to handle its affairs without section 100 intervention.

The DA suggests that an intensive investigation be instituted into the affairs of this clinic and establish the root of negligence leading to the state of the clinic for all these years. Harsh steps be taken, exemplarily to other officials intending to harm the right to access health of our people.