Municipalities under threat as Thaba Chweu gets torched

Farhad Essack MP

DA National Council of Provinces Member

Mpumalanga municipalities are under threat as a second municipal building has been burnt in less than a month amidst allegations of ANC infighting, bad service delivery and angry residents.

Lekwa municipality suffered damages when some of their buildings were set alight during violent protests on 9 October 2014.  The most recent incident was the destruction of the Mayor and Speakers offices in Thaba Chweu which were set alight during the course of last night.

MP Thaba Chweu burns

According to reports the residents of Thaba Chweu have been warning the municipality that if the corruption and bad service delivery were not attended to, they would take action against the municipality.  Although we acknowledge the frustrations of these residents, the DA strongly condemns the use of any violence or the destruction of property, such as what has taken place in Lekwa and now in Thaba Chweu.

Residents are embittered by a municipality which has had no less than five municipal managers within the last two years and the irony of this violence and destruction lies in the fact that the residents and taxpayers themselves will have to pay to rebuild these buildings.

Violent protests and destruction of property have never changed a government or bettered service delivery.  The only way to end the systematic decline in municipalities and total lack of service delivery is to put your cross next to the Democratic Alliance on the ballot papers in 2016.