New dates released for water outages

Bosman Grobler MPL

Spokesperson for COGTA

The DA takes note of the notice released on Wednesday, 8 October 2014, by the Department of Water and Sanitation. This notice informs residents of Msukaligwa (Ermelo, Wesselton and Davel) receiving water from the Rietspruit reservoir, and residents of Kriel regarding the exact dates and times for the planned water outage. (Click here view the notice)

Although the DA is relieved that this has been communicated to residents, it remains a concern that this planned outage has been postponed for 3 weeks. No valid reasons have been given for the outage, and according to reliable sources the contractors have been ready to work on the pipeline since 29 September 2014.

Furthermore, the residents of these areas have gone to extensive lengths to prepare for the planned dry tap period, and the school holiday would have cushioned the inconvenience of being without water for weeks.  It is alleged that the postponement of the maintenance was ordered from higher political powers to protect the ANC from double embarrassment with the recent Gauteng water crises. Mpumalanga is entering dark days if poor service delivery in other provinces influences our ability to serve the community.

The DA will launch an extensive investigation to try and determine what the financial impact of the postponement of the planned outage was. The cost of losses on the postponement of contingency plans, contractor postponement penalties and lost time on planning and preparing, will now have to be carried by the tax payer.

Events such as these are a clear indication of the incompetence of the governing party and their sheer lack of respect for our democracy and the voters who put their faith in the ANC. The DA is convinced that proper planning and implementation will prevent situations like these. It becomes more evident, every day, that Mpumalanga needs an alternative government, a government that respects the citizens in a democracy. Mpumalanga needs a DA government.