Nothing works at Ga-Nchabeleng Health Centre

Langa Bodlani (MPL)

Spokesperson on Health

Nothing works at Ga-Nchabeleng Health Centre. This came to our attention during a recent oversight visit to this health centre with the local councillor Derick Mosoana.

Things are so dysfunctional that it is hard to believe that this is even called a health centre. I will raise this matter with the chairperson of the portfolio committee on health and urge him to summons MEC Kgetjepe in order to give a full account on the state of affairs at this health centre.

Firstly there is no sonar at this centre making it difficult to give proper medical attention to pregnant women.

The maternity ward has no geyser. When a baby is born, nurses have to boil water using a kettle to give the baby a hot bath. Both the staff and patients’ toilets have not been working for over 2 months at this ward.  The entrance door to this maternity ward is broken and exposing newly born babies to bad weather.

The autoclave machine which is used to sterilise equipment has also not been working for over a year.  The baby scales, BP machines, and the Cardo-electro gram machines are also out of order.

The filing cabinet with files containing patients’ confidential information is broken giving easy access to anyone.

The theatre is not operating because this health centre does not have a doctor. There are no x-ray machines including the portable ones. The fax machines are also not working.

To make matters worse there is a constant sewerage problem because this centre uses underground water which is salty and often clogs up the system.

Things cannot be left as they are. This health centre is over a decade old and services between 4000-7000 people a month including in its outreach programmes. All measures must be put in place to make sure the people get the basic access to health centre.

This health care centre stands as the most vivid example of the ANC’s failure to provide our people with the most basic services.