Premier laughs off Water Commission of Inquiry

Fred Nel MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Gauteng Premier David Makhura literally laughed off the DA’s request for a commission of inquiry into the recent water crisis in the province.

During my member statement yesterday in the Gauteng Legislature, Makhura laughed out loud when the request for a commission of inquiry was made.

The water crisis has the potential of having a greater economic impact on Gauteng than E-tolls – which is currently subject to a review panel initiated by the premier.

It is not only the direct economic impact resulting from the water crisis that must be taken into consideration but also future consequences.

Potential investors conduct research into the province as investment destination, and will be put off if consistent water supply cannot be guaranteed.

This will severely harm the Premier’s industrialisation policy and job creation.

Makhura’s reaction to the DA’s request is further proof that he does not take the water crisis seriously – especially after only acknowledging the crisis ten days after it started.

His attitude was amplified by MEC Jacob Mamobolo, who called the crisis a “glitch”.

Premier Makhura – through his silence and lack of action during the water crisis – failed his first test, by not taking issues affecting Gauteng’s residents seriously.

If he is indeed serious about economic growth and job creation in the province, he needs to take proactive action to address the maintenance of Gauteng’s failing infrastructure.

To date he has not indicated any intention to do so.