R555 Road remains a concern

Jane Sithole MPL

Spokesperson for Public Work, Roads and Transport

The R555 provincial road continues to be a concern for the DA and many residents in Mpumalanga. The dilapidated road has continued to disintegrate in the past years and the DA is extremely concerned by the lack of action by the Mpumalanga Provincial Government, in particular the MEC of Public Works, Roads and Transport, Ms Nhlengethwa in upgrading this road to prevent further accidents.

The untimely passing of the athlete, Mbulaeni Mulaudzi on Friday, symbolises the urgency and need for the Provincial Government to act and repair this road. The DA in Mpumalanga joins the rest of South Africa in mourning his passing.

The DA has been calling on the Provincial Government to repair this road for the past five years, ignoring this road further is a slap on the face of the people who find themselves on this road daily.

The DA launched a petition on the 15th of October 2014 in response to desperate calls from communities around this area on the deterioration of this road. We hope that the MEC will act now to prevent any further loss of life on this road.

I will once again write an urgent letter to MEC Nhlengethwa, urging her to give immediate attention to this road. We cannot sit idle and witness the lives of our people being endangered on this road any longer, more needs to be done. How many more lives must be lost on this road before action can be taken?