Solomondale illegal protest: DA submitted protestors names to the police

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader         

Today , the DA has laid criminal charges against protestors and submitted names of individuals responsible for leading an illegal protest in Sebayeng and Solomondale for the past three days.

This morning, these individuals were on the forefront forcing learners and educators out of their classrooms to join the protest in the presence of the police.

Some teachers at Mafolofolo High School were forced to beg the protestors to allow only grade 12 learners to remain behind in order to prepare for the forthcoming final exams which starts next week.

Since the illegal protest started Monday , no arrests have been made notwithstanding the fact that all main roads were barricaded with burning tyres and stones and properties were damaged. Police had to use teargas and rubber bullets to control crowds but still failed to restore order.

Forcing learners out of their classrooms is a clear violation of the rights of children according to section 3(6)(b) of the SA Schools Act indicating that any other person (other than a parent) who, without just cause, prevents a learner who is subject to compulsory attendance from attending a school”.

Charges laid focused on gathering’s act , the violation of children’s rights ,  public violence and damage to property.

It’s critical that the relevant authorities takes strong actions against these hooligans with immediate effect.

The DA will be monitoring the situation in making sure that the rights of our citizen , school learners and educators are protected.