Urgent road intervention required to prevent any further upheaval in JTG

Harold McGluwa, MPL

DA Provincial Chairperson

The DA is deeply concerned that the construction work on the controversial road in John Taole Gaetsewe, which was the cause of the extensive school closures in the district, has apparently come to a complete stop.


This road has already caused way too much upheaval, seriously compromising the education of thousands of learners for months on end in the past two consecutive years. For the sake of the affected communities, we simply cannot afford to have a repeat of this chaos for a third time.


In this regard, the DA calls on both the Department of Roads and Public Works, as well as the Joe Morolong Road Forum, to come to the party, to keep communication channels open and to ensure that any issues that may be hampering the construction of the road are speedily resolved.

We ask that the Joe Morolong Road forum be reasonable in terms of their expectations. They are finally getting the long awaited road that they fought for and at some stage they must also reach consensus with the department so that progress on the road can be made.

At the same time, the department must comply with all necessary prescripts and ensure transparency and accountability with regards to the tenders which were awarded to Tau Pele and Down Touch Investments. The department further needs to implement stringent contract management to prevent unnecessary delays and irregularities with regards to the construction of the road.  The department must also fully adhere to commitments made by provincial government to the JTG community.

For the sake of the affected communities, and especially affected learners, the DA sincerely hopes that both government and the road forum will waste no time in working out the current challenges that are threatening to cause further unrest in this volatile area.