Western Cape Health Minister hails Unipalm for investing in hip and knee surgeries

Theuns Botha, Minister of Health

Western Cape Government

At an event at Groote Schuur Hospital today the Western Cape Health Minister, Theuns Botha, hailed Unipalm for their investment in hip- and knee surgeries.

Groote Schuur Hospital formed a partnership with Unipalm to help patients who needs these operations. Unipalm was started in 2002 as a broad-based economic empowerment company and today is regarded as one of the most successful BEE companies in South Africa. The founder shareholders started Unipalm through a capital raising initiative with ground breaking rules including the commitment that initial capital raised would only be used for transactional purposes.

Currently there are 1200 confirmed cases of patients on the waiting list for hip and knee surgery in the Western Cape.

Addressing the audience, Minister Botha thanked Unipalm for their initiative and taking on the challenge. “Unipalm’s initiative demonstrates that they understand the extent of the service that is required from public hospitals, and that Unipalm has taken a decision to take co-responsibility for the task. It is only through volunteer investments from our partners in the health sector that we are able to generate a better society. Unipalm’s initiative sends the message that they are willing to invest in the health sector in our province, because they trust our governance.

“Partnerships form an important pillar of Western Cape Government’s Better Together philosophy. We believe that it is successful partnerships that strengthens government’s service delivery capacity, and potential to grow the economy. Unipalm has recognised this and made a plan to come on board.”

In April 2014 Unipalm engaged with the Groote Schuur Hospital Facilities Board, MedMetrics, SA Biomedical and Advanced Orthopaedics to help alleviate the long waiting period for hip and knee disorders including the implantation of hip and knee prosthetics. UNIPALM, in terms of its Corporate Social Investment Initiatives offered to fund part of the costs of the resources required to perform the hip and knee replacement operations. The initial trial period was for 10 patients. The operations were a success for all the patients who were operated on.