Gauteng economy will only grow with single policy direction

Janet Semple MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Economic Development

Gauteng MEC for Economic Development, Lebogang Maile needs to stop ANC double-speak on government job creation strategies and start laying the groundwork to create real sustainable jobs.

During a debate in the Gauteng Legislature on the DA’s motion to declare Gauteng a jobs province, MEC Maile played both sides of the fence – declaring his support for both nationalisation and the National Development Plan (NDP).

The fact is that unemployment in South Africa is approaching 40%, and Gauteng as the economic heartland should have clear strategies to stimulate economic growth and create jobs.

Government’s involvement should be limited to the extent where it expands opportunities in the marketplace and reduces red tape for new and existing business to invest and expand.

Township revitalisation is critical but small businesses will only thrive in an environment where the necessary transport and service delivery infrastructure are in place. Simply opening up a shopping centre will not lead to sustainable growth and create jobs.

In the current tough economic climate investors look at a number of factors before they commit themselves, and as long as government policy remains uncertain, investors will go elsewhere with their funds.

MEC Maile needs to take definitive steps to remove barriers preventing investment and market competition, and lay the groundwork for healthy economic growth and long-term job creation.

While MEC Maile continues to waver between two opinions, the jobless remain without jobs and without hope.