Limpopo police above the law, in contempt of court

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The current political infighting that has left service delivery paralyzed at the Mogalakwena Municipality has led to police in the area illegally involving their services in support of a faction in the midst of the power scandal.

The high court issued an order (case: 80496-2014) against the local police to not interfere with the operations of the municipality and its officials after they had forcefully removed the staff and its management. This was done after one of the factions elected its leadership and imposed it to the municipality.

However Police defied the order and continue to illegally deploy its officers to deal in particular, a single faction involved in the power struggle.

Another court order (case: 138/2004)was issued for the police to remove the disputed mayor and his faction but they failed to adhere to the order, defying

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa which provides that the objects of the police are to amongst others “ENFORCE THE LAW”

This clearly shows that police in this area disregard the orders of the high court and put our democracy and The Constitution of the state at risk. They visibly use state resources for political gain and distort separation of power.

The DA strongly condemns the police action. We continue to support the applicants in this matter for as long as it is in the interest of the Mogalakwena people.

We urge the ANC to start respecting our democracy and The Constitution.

The people deserve much better than being canon fodder in the ANC political battles.

Come 2016, the DA will restore quality service delivery to the people of Mogalakwena and ensure that they forever enjoy their much deserved constitutional basic human rights