ANC’s obstructionist behaviour and poor delivery!

Beverley Schäfer, MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Economic Opportunities, Tourism and Agriculture

In February this year, ANC Councillors disrupted the City of Cape Town’s Council meeting, in objection to the draft budget being tabled. Chaos erupted, and draft budgets were thrown across the floors. Mock AK 47 were waved in the air and Council had to be adjourned for more than two hours.

Yet Speaker, this is the 10th consecutive year that the City of Cape Town has a received an unqualified audit – a record for any Metro Council in South Africa,



The awards list for a DA-run City is so long, that they have a special page dedicated page on their website just for achievements and awards. Many of these awards are awarded by National Government such as:

1. Best Metro ranking in top housing

2. The finance directorate named as top international performer

3. Top municipality for water and electricity services

4. Top MFMA award

5. My Citi recognised as world leader in universal access


Disruption has continued in the City of Cape Town’s Council with Mayor de Lille stating that the ANC has complete disregard for the important work of the council and the fact that they appear determined to waste ratepayers’ money. I couldn’t agree more speaker.

ANC’s obstructionist tactics continue in this parliament too. Another such example is to be seen in this very Parliament. Setting the tone for this is Member Sharon Davids, who is often absent from her parliamentary duties. Member Davids’ failure to consistently attend committee meetings is a sure sign that she is not committed to the workings of this parliament, in the interest of the people of the Western Cape.  Member Tyatyam is on record to have agreed to the Public Hearings and Minister Gigaba addressing the Standing Committee. We also have on record, Member Magaxa supporting the annual report for Housing yet back tracking because they he was given his orders. In fact speaker, the ANC’s left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Yet, lately we have seen that the majority party in the National Parliament, accusing the Democratic Alliance, of being disruptive. This following the obvious efforts by the National Parliament to assist President Jacob Zuma in his efforts to avoid accountability Nkandla-gate.

As Zapiro so aptly put it: “The eZuma Virus Strikes Again!”

Speaker the ANC can show very little success this year and their obstructionist behaviour only further exposes the ANC’s desperate need of leadership at all levels. Their political infighting with those within the Youth League and that with the Gauteng Premier will only get worse.

Speaker, soon the ducks will find other ponds to swim in!