Auditor-General lashes Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development

Alan Fuchs MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Infrastructure Development

The Auditor–General of South Africa (AG) has made adverse material findings in terms of performance reports, and raised various matters of emphasis relating to the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure (DID) for the 2013/2014 financial year.

In terms of the validity, accuracy and completeness of performance information related to the EPWP programme – in which people are provided with temporary work opportunities, the AG indicated that the evidence, information and explanations provided by the department were inadequate; and failed to verify the reliability of the reported performance information.

The EPWP programme was expected to deliver a total of 118 578 temporary job opportunities across the province, however only 45% (53 535 opportunities) of this target was met.

In terms of other issues raised, the AG pointed out that the department is the defendant in various lawsuits, for which no provision has been made for liabilities of payment should the department lose these lawsuits.

In addition, the AG found the following matters of concern:

  • Payments exceeding 30 days amounting to R35.8 million;
  • Effective measures were not taken to prevent irregular expenditure;
  • No control systems were implemented to safeguard and maintain assets;
  • No immovable asset management plan was prepared.

The AG also found that:

  • Financial statements were not prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Public Management Finance Act;
  • Project managers were not registered with professional bodies as required by the Project and Construction Management Professions Act; and
  • Leadership did not establish policies and procedures to support internal control, processes and responsibilities

Despite these damning findings, MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza and her colleagues continue to “tell a good story” about the performance of the department.

This is denialism of the highest order.

The AG’s findings should be a catalyst for an immediate turnaround strategy. The DA will continue to offer viable solutions to the MEC and the portfolio committee to ensure the people of Gauteng receive the services they deserve.