Carry on with the fight against HIV – DA

Jacques Smalle (MPL)

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

As the nation commemorates World Aids Day, DA in Limpopo remain in support of and call for a programme of “Quality Care for all”.

Quality Care for All programme is focused on tackling the country’s high HIV/AIDS infection rate.

21.4% out of Limpopo’s 5.4 million residents are living with HIV, at least according to the South African National Aids Council report of 2013.

With these in mind, the DA calls for an increase in the number of clinics offering HIV testing and measures to provide all HIV-positive women with Nevirapine.

WE also believe that more resources to vaccinations against common childhood illnesses must be made available for the community directly.

The DA advocates creating a transparent and competitive health sector, to boost service delivery and encourage health care practitioners to remain in the country.