DA calls on the MEC for Education to respond to long overdue questions

Edmund van Vuuren (MPL)

Shadow MEC for Education

I have submitted a number of questions to the MEC for Education, Mandla Makapula, which have not yet been answered.  At the beginning of November, over thirty responses were still outstanding. Some have exceeded the two week deadline which was put in place to ensure that the questions are answered timeously.

In the House sitting which took place on 21 November, 26 of my unanswered written questions were converted to oral questions so the MEC had to give oral responses to these questions.

He apologised for questions that were not answered within the stipulated timeframe. The MEC was then instructed by the Speaker to ensure that the outstanding answers to my questions were delivered to her office the following day.

Honourable Makapula was embarrassed by the behaviour of his officials who failed to follow up on these questions and he has indicated that he will adhere to every decision taken by the House regarding this matter.

Subsequently after the House sitting, the responses to 26 of my questions were forwarded to the parliamentary section which deals with questions (Hansard) and there are still ten outstanding responses.

The questions that are submitted to the MEC expose key issues that are of concern not only to the Democratic Alliance but these are issues that locals have brought to my attention. These include shortages of teachers within schools, the building of schools, furniture shortages and the appointment of teachers amongst others.

As a result of the unresponsiveness of the MEC, I was unable to give feedback to the community and they may be under the impression that I am not doing the work that I was elected to do.

The DA calls on the MEC to attend to the unanswered questions as a matter of urgency.