Eastern Cape: Communities’ lives put at risk

Annette Steyn MP

Constituency leader: New Horizon

A section of people in Hilton, Aliwal North are being put at risk after old houses were demolished in order to accommodate new houses being built in its place. Contractors are on site to put in sewerage pipes in between were people are currently living.

The hazardous conditions are illustrated by the following:

  • A ditch of about 150 metres long and one and a half metres deep has been dug and left open for two months, where a two year old child recently fell in.
  • Heavy rain and raw sewerage fills this ditch with a terrible smell hanging around the area while sewerage spills over into lower lying areas.
  • Water has been cut off to about 25 houses around the area.

Municipal manager of Maletswai municipality, Mr Nonjola, was aware of the issue but said that water and sanitation is a district municipal function. I asked him to follow this up promptly as it is a terrible health hazard to the community and that people’s lives are at risk.

The DA will speak directly to the Joe Gabi district municipality to inform them of this unacceptable situation. We will also write to the human rights commission to investigate the matter.