Emergency Medical Services in Western Cape

Lorraine Botha MPP

DA Spokesperson of the Premier in the Western Cape

Madam Speaker, the 2014 holiday season is upon us. The festive season is typically characterised by family time and a break away from the stressful pressures of everyday life. For many, no such break is afforded.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff, health professionals and law enforcement officials as they gear up for their busiest period of the year. While most are enjoying festivities with loved ones, EMS personnel will be rendering invaluable lifesaving services to the people of the Western Cape.

Although EMS officials provide essential out-of-hospital services for the well-being of the public, many a time EMS staff is threatened and attacked. This is unacceptable!

Madam Speaker, today I pay tribute to the unsung heroes, who are EMS staff, who work under immense pressure, under extreme circumstances. I urge communities and all role-players to assist the Western Cape Department of Health and law enforcement officials in ensuring the safety of EMS personnel as they work around the clock to save lives who would otherwise be lost. I call on all present and the public at large to show EMS officials and their lives the respect it so duly deserves this festive season and beyond.

I thank you.