Housing in the WC: ANC politicising the plight of the poor

Matlhodi Maseko MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Human Settlements

The Honourable Khaya Magaxa opposed housing for the poor in the Western Cape (WC).

Member Magaxa, who is the African National Spokesperson in the WC on Human Settlements, has voted for the budgetary appropriation in the Standing Committee on Human Settlements but has today reneged on his vote. This comes in spite of his prior acknowledgement that the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements is on track to delivering to the poor and vulnerable in this province.

Guided by the National Development Plan 2030 and Cape Vision 2040, the Department decided to focus on three areas in order to maximise the impact regarding the delivery of human settlements in order to deal with problems such as in-migration, bulk infrastructure and limited resources, by:

  • Upgrading informal settlements in order to provide basic service to all citizens.
  • Strengthening partnership with the private sector in order to increase affordable houses for people earning above the free subsidy threshold.
  • Paying more attention in the allocation of free subsidised state houses in order to prioritise the most deserving individuals.

Member Magaxa has claimed that the DA government has disdain for the poor. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­However, it is his voting against the budgetary appropriation that aims to:

  • deprive the people of Knysna Municipality from the R8,9m to be utilised for bulk water and sewerage service, and
  • deprive the people of Mossel Bay of R6m to be utilised for the rectification of housing dysfunctionalities.

It is clear that Member Magaxa is not interested in ensuring delivery to the poorest of the poor, he is taking them for granted. Unfortunately, Honourable Magaxa is politicising the plight of the poor. The poor who in this province, have given the DA led-government, the overwhelming mandate to deliver in to their needs.